Todd English for Lunch, a Cocktail and a spectacular Sunset

Lunch at Todd English was fantastic, this is a West End Fine Dining Restaurant at the blunt end of a ship in the middle of the Atlantic, Jane had a dessert that Kayleigh would most definitely have chosen (Black Bottom Tart – made up of Nutella Mousse & Chocolate Ganache).

Nutella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                          And here it is!! Black Bottom Tart

The food and service was just great and the food portions were slightly larger than we expected, therefore we left the Restaurant….slightly larger than expected!

Jane’s Starter Portabello Mushroom Flatbread            Andy’s Starter Blackened Squid Salad

Jane’s Main – There is Salmon under there!           Andy’s Starter….More Fillet Steak!!

My very nice Dessert                                                Thanks to Todd English for so many lovely Calories!

Then it was off to the Planetarium to see our second show, once again a great experience but as we had just had lunch, were sitting in the dark in reclining chairs, there was a tendency to close your eyes for a few seconds and drift off…thankfully not like the bloke behind us who was into heavy and loud snoring mode from the off!!

After the Planetarium we did some more exploring and bowled into the Atlantic Room to find ourselves in the middle of a Bridge afternoon….we got some ‘’over the glasses’’ looks from our fellow travellers and made our excuses and left!

We then decided to stop off at the Commodore Club once more, where I had a very interesting Gin and Tonic – see the photo below!

One Very Unusual Gin and Tonic! Tabasco, Pepper and Chilli Flavour!

Getting back to our room, we saw a fantastic sunset….. last night’s was good but this really was special, I managed to photograph it and film it as it slipped below the horizon, brought back memories of our Anniversary trip to Key West.

Tonight is another formal night and we may have yet another Photograph of us taken on our way to Dinner. Jane has gone off to iron some clothes and I’m sitting here updating things, with the Balcony door open listening to the sea as we cut through the waves on our way to Southampton.

Sorry if the Photos are a bit all over the place – this Blog has a mind of its own!

More news and photos soon.

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