PyArRo – A python enabled robot!

I have always loved robots, and something about an internet based control platform for my robots has always turned me on as well.

So, it’s only natural that my experiments with the beagleboard eventually lead me to robotics.  And in keeping with that trend, here is my latest development, The PyArRo.

Right now, PyArRo is just a proof of concept that I could actually build and program a remotely operated robot.

His code is very simple and basic, allowing speed of motors and direction of travel to be set.  He has a standalone python GUI app to control him.

The code that I have compiled is available from our Google code repository.

Basically, it’s a simple python gui that will send a simple serial message to the arduino mega that is the controller on my robot platform.  At this time, i simply use vnc to login to the remote desktop and start the python app.  Then controlling PyArRo is pretty straight forward.

Future improvements will include a webcam to navigate, range sensors, light and pir sensors, and possibly gps in the distant future.

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