Motivating the disadvantaged

Model is a european educational project promoted and cofinanced by the Socrates Agency. Socrates is the action programme of the European Comunity in the field of education.It is based on some articles of the treaty of the EU which establish that the EU will contribute to the development of educational quality, through actions carried out by the Member States and it will promote life long learning for all the citizens of the Union.

Socrates includes several actions. Among there is our project which belongs to Grundtvig and whose objective is to improve the quality of adult education and to increase the opportunities of life long learning. We mean by an adult any person aged more than twenty five, or any person between sixteen and twenty four years of age who isn´t integrated in the upper level of the educational system.

Our project proposes to develop good practises in motivating, engaging and empowering disadvantaged learners in identified target groups:


ethnic minorities

single and other disadvantaged parents

socially disadvantaged young adults


To define and collect conditions,difficulties and specific educatinal needs of target groups (tgs).

To find specific and alternative strategies for engaging,motivating and empowering disadvantage learners in tgs.

To encourage learners in tgs to develop positive attitudes towards learning.

To cooperate with other agencies working with tgs.

To develop appropiate materials to support learners in tgs.

To provide pathways for further opportunities and progression for learners in tgs

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