Issues with DVI screen resolution and Beagleboard c4

Well, as i have posted before, getting an actual gui interface running on the beagleboard has been a challenge for me.

I finally realized this past week that a great deal of the problems I was having were indeed old sd cards that had already been written to thousands and thousands of times before being handed down to the beagleboard projects i have started.  After replacing a couple of the cards, I was able to get ubuntu 11.04 running on the beagleboard with a full xubuntu gui.

When i first started playing with it, resolution was a problem.  Having the resolution set at 1280x 720 presented a nice screen that I was able to view about 80% of.  After digging and digging and trying lots of things, i realized that the true problem was in the commands I was giving in boot.scr to the beagleboard on startup.

The original beagleboard boot.scr that ships with ubuntu has the resolution set at “1280x720MR-16@60″  After trying several things, I saw one single post where someone removed the “MR” from the above line, and all issues went away.

Ubuntu 11.04 at 1280×720 on DVI

I don’t know exactly what that MR does, but when i removed it from boot.cmd and rebuilt the boot.scr file, and booted my angrybeagle up, all was well, I have full use of all of my screen and it looks pretty damn nice too!

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