Installing the Netgear wg111v3 on beagleboard

After spending a few hours trying to download some files from the internet, it became apparent to me that i needed to upgrade the wireless usb dongle I am using.  The old belkin 7050 had just had it’s useful days.

After a quick trip to walmart, and after purchasing a cheap netgear wg111 usb wireless adapter, I found out there is no native support for this adapter in the current version of ubuntu for omap.  Bummer.

Ndiswrapper won’t work for it either.. crys about some headers or something not being installed.

Finally found out that a neat little thing called “” would work.

A quick “Sudo apt-get install aircrack-ng” later, reboot, plugin the netgear adapter, and I am now posting from my fully functional netgear wg111v3.

Can’t beat it.

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