Day 5 and we continue to steam towards Southampton

It’s been another lovely day aboard QM2, starting with our Champagne Breakfast, we then went off to ….the Shops once more! Just a few things we needed to get…then we watched the 8 Bells chime by the First Officer before having a look around the Casino and then looking at the Photos taken of us last night, I’ll be happier when I only have one chin at a time in my photos!

We then went for our Spa Treatments, I had the Sports Pedicure and a Foot Wax…Jane enjoyed her reflexology. We used the facilities for a while before getting a snack from the Kings Court and picking up a Glass of Wine on the way to the Guest Talent Show, hats off to them all…they tried…4 singers and one Pam Ayres Poet…

Now it’s back to the room update the Blog, add a few photos to bore you all with, and get ourselves ready for Royal Ascot Night…we may have a look in the Ballroom after Dinner to see what it’s all about or we may try the Casino, one things for sure…we’ll have a nightcap in the Commodore!

Hope you like the Photos:

From Top – Left to Right:

Getting ready to go out

Yet another Hand Tied Bow Tie :-)

8 Bells and Alls Well

Casino Slot machines

Jane in our Stateroom

My Legs!!

Not sure when the next collection is …don’t see many Postmen round here!!

Chocolate QM 2

That’s all for tonight Folks!! More again tomorrow!

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