Day 3 and Still at Sea….

The Captains Cocktail Party was full of awfully nice people – most of whom thought they were better than they were! (As I’m sure you can imagine) But we had a good time drinking the Captains free Champagne and tasting some of the very nice canapés.

You will see from the Photo’s below that I wore the Cufflinks that Hannah and Alex presented me with at their Wedding (and that was the last time they had been worn), so it was nice to be able to bring them out for a special occasion such as last nights. Please also note the Self Tied Bow Tie! It took some learning and a few choice words on the way, but I got there.

After Breakfast today we had to go to Immigration so we are now all Passport checked and ready for Disembarkation at Southampton on Thursday. This morning we are going for a few brisk laps around the Promenade Deck, the Sea is Slight and there is a nice breeze so it should be nice and refreshing!, then Jane wants to look at the Shopping Stalls that are on Deck 3 before we have a small lunch and head to the Canyon Ranch Spa for another of our reserved Treatments.

As we were doing the first of our Promenade Deck walks today (1.25 miles for starters) the Captain spoke over the Tannoy as usual at Midday – he said that we were further South than originally planned and are around 700 miles from the Azores this is due to the fact that he is steering away from the bigger swell currently in the North of the Atlantic. The Sea remains Slight and the depth is 15500 feet – that’s a long way down! He said that the calm Seas are very unusual for November, but as first timers we’re definitely not complaining :-) .

We have noticed that there are all sorts of people aboard, most that we’ve encountered are friendly with the odd rude person that usually receive a little comment from me or Jane just to make us feel better! There are many ‘Seasoned Cruisers’ and ‘Seasoned Cunarders’ and they all have a story to tell regarding their many trips around the world – I overheard one older man yesterday telling someone that the longest time they had been aboard in one Trip was 157 days! They obviously have a few bob!

We have found the Staff that we have encountered to be very friendly and polite and extremely friendly at all times.

So today’s lunch will be a Smoked Salmon Bagel and Salad each, then we’re off to the Spa before going to the Cinema to see ‘Friends with Benefits’ starring Justin Timberlake. We went to the Theatre last night to see one of the show’s – it was okay but we have been told there are better shows to see.

Just back from the Spa and getting ready for the Cinema, the Treatment we had was called the Rasul Ceremony and was very nice, basically you cover each other in different clays, then sit in a very quite Steam Room for 20 minutes before showering the clay off and rubbing oils into your skin – very relaxing and it makes your skin feel great! We topped our visit off with a reflexology spa and a 5 minutes in the Aromatherapy Steam Room – needless to say, we’re feeling very good and extremely relaxed.

From the Top Left to Right:

Afternoon Tea

String Quartet at Tea

Father of the Bride Cuffklinks

Us with the Captain – Made me think if he was at the Back who was steering the Ship??

The background to to Cocktail Party

The Walkathon – Deck 7

More to come soon :-) xx

Dolphin and Whale Update: Still haven’t seen any – we’ll keep looking.

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